Beautiful three-legged kitkat is looking for a home Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Listing Type : LIST A PET FOR ADOPTION / Cat
Pet Name : Kit Kat
Pet Color : black orange and brown
Pet Breed : stray cat
Pet Gender : Female
Pet Age : Adult (2 - 8 Years)
Any Disease(If yes, please enter the disease) : Missing a back leg, but is already jumping around like she is not disabled at all!
Pet Owner Address : Bandra West, Mumbai

Kitkat is a 5 year old female cat in Mumbai who has lived quite a full and successful life so far as a stray. She has raised many healthy kittens. She has also been an ace hunter, catching pigeons to feed her kitties.

But a week or so ago, we found her in the sorriest state imaginable (no pictures of that, don’t worry). Her back leg was just a bone hanging off her hip and there were maggots in the injury. She’d lost so much weight that she was just skin and bones. She looked like she had been struggling on with her foot like that for 10 days or more, hiding under a car in a deserted parking lot.

Even in that state though, she meowed her sweet little meow and hobbled up to us when we called tko her and purred and rubbed against our hand. It was heartbreaking to see her be so brave and loving despite the pain she must have been in but she’s not one to feel sorry for herself.

After a week of treatment at Crown Vet, she is recovering quite well. Her leg had to be amputated of course, and she is still severely anaemic but she is such a fighter that we are confident she’s going to make it through this. She is hands down the strongest and bravest cat ever. Though doctors and the internet say that 3 legged cats manage almost as well as ones with all limbs intact, putting her back on the street is a scary thought. There are already new cats in what was her territory earlier and it’s a harsh world out there with speeding cars and her mobility not what it used to be. Plus, she has probably lived the fullest life as a stray and really deserves a nice and restful retirement in a loving home. She herself is extremely loving. She has the sweetest little meow and a gentle but spirited personality. Is there anyone out there who could give this beautiful, brave, 3 legged cat a restful second half of her life? If so, please please call 9892835110. The universe will remember your kindness to sweet Kit Kat.

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