Pogo is looking for a lovely family Kumar Sublime, Pargenagar, Kondhwa, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Listing Type : LIST A PET FOR ADOPTION / Dog
Pet Name : Pogo
Pet Color : Golden
Pet Breed : Golden Retriever + Indie
Pet Gender : Female
Vaccination Given Regularly : Yes
Pet Age : Baby (45 days - 6 months)
Any Disease(If yes, please enter the disease) : No
Pet Owner Address : A-1103 Kumar Sublime, Pargenagar, Kondhwa

Hi, I am Pogo. I am a 5 month old cute golden + indie mix puppy. I am a very friendly girl and I love to meet new people. I am a foodie and I loooove tender coconut. Everyone says I am very intelligent. At such a young age I can already follow 15 different commands. You can take me for a walk without a leash as well, I will be a good girl I promise. I love to be around humans, kids and dogs. I don’t bite. I love everyone! My best buddies saved me from the streets and have been looking after me and stay all day with me since 2 months but they have lot of work and travelling. I get sad when I am left alone at home. Will you adopt me? We will have a lot of fun together. Please whatsapp my buddy on +91 9160149504

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Kid Friendly
People friendly
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