Two Healthy Puppies for Adoption Q7A Jangpura Extension
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Listing Type : LIST A PET FOR ADOPTION / Dog
Pet Name : Polo and Polly
Pet Color : White/Brown and White
Pet Breed : Indie
Pet Gender : Male
Vaccination Given Regularly : Yes
Pet Age : Baby (45 days - 6 months)
Any Disease(If yes, please enter the disease) : None, I have paid for all of their vaccinations
Pet Owner Address : Q7A Jangpura Extension, Delhi, India

I am away for 10 hours a day for school and work and it’s not healthy for the puppies to be alone for so long.  They had bad injuries but I nursed then back to good health.  Polo is the white one, a male, and Polly is the brown one, a female.  They are both siblings. Please call 704 290 3778 if you’re interested in adopting these precious babies. I can help with food costs and expenses. 

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